OrangeQC makes inspections easy.

1 Customize

Create custom forms

Whether you’re managing an airport, school, or hospital, OrangeQC lets you customize your forms to fit your exact needs.

Create custom forms for anything you want to track or inspect.

Create your own rating scales so every inspection can be scored.

Communicate with clients

Your customers can login to view inspection reports as well as submit work orders and other requests.

Stay organized with simple status tracking of client work orders and requests.

Your team is automatically looped in to ensure a prompt response.

2 Capture

Use any device

OrangeQC works on all mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows phones and tablets.

Capture photos, GPS, and notes.

Inspections are uploaded instantly so they can be viewed and shared.

3 Monitor

A snapshot of your business

OrangeQC keeps client communication and tasks in one place so you and your team can stay organized.

Quickly jump to different client sites and facilities.

See how your performance is trending.

Instant notifications

OrangeQC keeps everyone in the loop with real-time notifications about inspections, work orders, and customer feedback.

4 Improve

Understand your performance

OrangeQC helps you identify weak areas before they turn into problems and track corrections and improvement over time.

Make your customers smile

OrangeQC lets your customers view quality control inspections so they're completely confident in your level of service.