The story behind OrangeQC

Why we do what we do.

We founded OrangeQC in 2009 because of a huge problem we saw with janitorial quality control and work order software: it was all way, way too complicated. Before we started OrangeQC, our team had worked with cleaning companies to set up other systems, spending hundreds of hours setting up software that was too hard to use… and ended up never getting used.

So we set out to build a better alternative.

We knew we wanted our tools to be easy to use. Janitorial teams don’t have time to mess with complicated, fussy programs. They need to be able to check off the right boxes, snap a photo or two, and call it a day. And data needs to update instantly, so that when there’s a problem, everyone’s looped in fast—and knows when it’s resolved. Technology should make inspections easier than paper forms, not harder.

So we built OrangeQC to be refreshingly simple. From the day we deployed the very first version at the University of Chicago Medical Center to today, when our users have racked up millions of inspections and counting, we’ve kept our focus on easy-to-use, powerful tools that world-class janitorial teams depend on daily.