World-class teams all over the globe use OrangeQC because they’re serious about nailing quality control.

How OrangeQC grows businesses

When Tony got a call from his largest client letting him know they were unhappy with his company’s service—and looking into other providers—he knew he had to do something fast. That’s when he found OrangeQC.

Tony Witana
Owner, Thats Clean
After Joe’s company won the bid for one of the largest airports on the East Coast, they started using OrangeQC to keep up with nearly four million square feet of cleaning space. Now, the company’s sales reps show off OrangeQC every time they meet with a prospective client.
Joe Stamler
Operations Manager, Associated Building Maintenance
When the old software they used was discontinued, Dave started looking for a solution that would be easy enough for his team of students to use. He wanted something that would let them perform inspections and fix problems across campus—and communicate the results in real time.
David Crane
Director, Office of Classroom Management, University of Minnesota

What our customers have to say

I am so pleased to be working with OrangeQC, the innovation you bring to our industry is amazing. We are able to tie several of our practices into one easy-to-use system. We are able to streamline our processes making our operations more efficient. Thanks to you and your team for all of the support and dedication to Olympus!

Olympus Building Services, Inc.

I include OrangeQC in every proposal and presentation...people just eat it up. People love the real-time graphs. People love the pictures. People love the iPad.

Joe Stamler
Operations Manager, Associated Building Maintenance

OrangeQC tickets not only enable us to hold our team accountable at all times, but they’re the #1 tool we use to help further the success of all our staff! Our clients also love that we are so transparent in such a challenging service industry.

Jeffrey Lee Nesbitt
General Manager, Environment Control Phoenix