Personalized with your name, your logo, and your branding.

OrangeQC janitorial software keeps your brand front and center.

OrangeQC technology looks and feels like part of your team for cohesive, professional communication.

Where Your Branding Appears

Login Page

Your name and logo appear whenever your team or stakeholders log into their accounts.

Email Alerts

Your branding appears on all email alerts, including inspection reports, tickets, and daily summary emails.

PDF Reports

All of your downloadable reports are customized with your branding to impress clients and stakeholders alike.

Your URL

Your team’s login page URL has a subdomain that’s unique to your organization.

Web App

Your company’s name is prominently displayed on the top of each page of our web app.

We’re Part of Your Team

Having your name and logo on all communication through OrangeQC signals that your team is professional, trustworthy, and tech-savvy. After all, your quality control process is a huge selling point!

Consistent branding helps ensure your organization stays top-of-mind when you meet with clients and stakeholders, too.

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