Janitorial inspection software with all the features you need (and none that get in the way).

Inspection checklists are the heart of our powerful suite of quality control tools.

Mobile Inspections

  • Customize inspection forms to fit your process. If you can do it on paper, you can do it (and much more) in OrangeQC.
  • Include the information you need to understand quality levels. GPS, timestamps, ratings, photos, and notes help inspectors capture robust quality information.
  • Use the tools that work best for you. Inspect with a phone or tablet using our iOS and Android apps, or use the website.
  • Work where you need. Our apps can work in offline mode and upload when you’re connected again, so waiting for a connection never holds up the process.
  • Get your whole team on the same page. Scheduled and recurring inspections keep your team on track to meet your quality control goals.
  • Powerful, intuitive technology. Users who stick to basics and tech-savvy power-users can all get the job done.


  • Quality control at a glance. Powerful built-in reports, including overall organization-wide dashboards, keep a pulse on your team.
  • Metrics to stay on top of trends. Automatic reports include highest- and lowest-scoring locations, lowest-performing line items, and more (on top of basic inspection form reports).
  • Information in any format. You have access to all of your data through our export-friendly formats, including Excel (.csv) and PDF. Power users can make use of our Integration API for custom reports in tools such as Power BI.

Built-In Ticket System

  • Track and resolve work orders and corrective actions in one place. See all the notes, attach before-and-after photos, and close the loop on inspection deficiencies. A single paper trail makes the process clear.
  • Assign responsibility for tickets to particular users or teams. Designate who’s responsible for handling which issues.
  • Easy integration with email. Create a ticket email address (such as support@company-name.com), which creates a new ticket anytime someone emails that address. This lets clients or stakeholders create tickets within the system without requiring their own logins.


  • Real-time email alerts for inspections and tickets keep you in the loop. The right people have the right information the moment it’s submitted.
  • Customize your alerts. Receive daily, weekly, or monthly activity summaries, depending on your needs.
  • Loop in the right people. Add your clients or other stakeholders as recipients to automatically get copies of the inspections in their facilities.
  • Support for Apple Push Notifications (iOS). iOS users can apply their settings to be alerted the moment a ticket receives activity.

Setup Process

  • No setup fees. Fast, easy setup gives you the ability to make changes later to suit your team’s needs. You can do it all yourself.
  • Less time setting things up = more time diving in. Most teams are fully set up and running during our free 30-day trial. Small teams can get going in a matter of minutes; our clients with hundreds of buildings might take a couple of days to be up to speed.
  • Pick the settings that are right for you. Powerful user permissions to grant specific buildings to individual users and control what they can and cannot see.

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