Associated Building Maintenance

Associated Building Maintenance is a woman-owned contract cleaning company headquartered in Crofton, Maryland. They've been in business more than twenty-five years and have over 1,000 employees. They clean 14 million square feet daily.

When Joe Stamler of Associated Building Maintenance won the bid for one of the largest airports on the east coast, he knew he had a lot of work to do.

With nearly four million square feet of cleaning to manage, Joe and his client had agreed to implement a software-based inspection process. The problem was, Joe had never used inspection software before. And when he tried setting up the program he had told the client about in his proposal, he realized it was too clunky and difficult for his team to use.

With only a couple weeks to go live, Joe needed to find an alternative fast.

That’s when Joe found OrangeQC. Joe spoke to one of the founders of OrangeQC to learn more about the program, then took it for a test drive by walking around his client’s site and performing inspections himself. OrangeQC didn’t have an exhausting list of features like some other software products did, but it just plain worked. And just as important, its flexibility allowed Joe to customize it to fit his quality control process exactly how he wanted.

Today, ABM has a dedicated quality control team performing 100-200 inspections per day for that client. As their business has grown, OrangeQC has become a core part of their operations at every site they clean: “I can’t be everywhere all the time… OrangeQC gives me a clear snapshot of the business whenever I want.”

For ABM’s four-person sales team, OrangeQC has become a big differentiator in winning clients. “In this business, everyone is a me too. Everyone says they use green chemicals. Everyone says they use microfiber. Everyone says they do quality control.” With iPads in hand, ABM demonstrates to their potential clients exactly how they’ll deliver quality control and stellar service. “I include OrangeQC in every proposal and presentation…people just eat it up. People love the real-time graphs. People love the pictures. People love the iPad.”

I include OrangeQC in every proposal and presentation...people just eat it up.

Joe Stamler, Director of Operations