Thats Clean

Thats Clean is one of New Zealand's fastest growing cleaning companies. With over 90 employees and an enviable list of clients, Thats Clean distinguishes itself through innovation and technology.

In late 2012, just when Tony thought things were going smoothly, he received a surprise phone call from his largest client letting him know they were exploring other providers.

They told Tony that despite their long relationship, they weren’t satisfied with ongoing issues with quality and poor communication.

Tony knew he was going to lose this client unless he came up with something fast. Their paper inspection process was a hassle and wasn’t working. And what about providing the client with better communication?

That’s when Tony found OrangeQC. He set up an account in minutes and began implementing it with his team.

With detailed digital inspections, photos, and real-time access to issues, he was able to demonstrate to his client how he would ensure accountability and transparent communication at all times. They were blown away.

Not only did Tony save his contract with the client, but they were so satisfied that today they consider Thats Clean to be indispensable, saying, “Thats Clean is one of our best suppliers. I can now confidently report that we are happy with Thats Clean’s communication and most importantly we are more than happy with the cleaning standards onsite.”

After saving his biggest client, Tony’s company went on to win the award for “The Most Innovative Cleaning Company” in New Zealand, where Thats Clean beat nationwide cleaning companies with over 3000 employees.

OrangeQC is absolutely key for us. It keeps everyone accountable and clients happy.