Inspection software for universities and educational facilities

World class educational facilities use OrangeQC to improve quality in classrooms, housing and dining, and campus facilities.

Our software and app are ready for campus.

We’ve worked with educational teams around the world to create solutions that work for the unique demands of school environments. Our janitorial inspection and work order tools are easy to customize for educational facilities with APPA ratings, photos, and more.

OrangeQC’s campus-friendly features allow teams to:

  • Monitor quality in high-traffic areas
  • Ensure classrooms are properly serviced and ready for students
  • Track fire safety and slip hazards
  • Ensure problems are fixed quickly and track response times
  • Create tools for your Dining or Housing departments
  • Track dormitory move-in and check-out checklists

Every educational organization is different. That’s why our tools are flexible for use by different departments and areas—and scalable for campuses of any size. OrangeQC is used in K-12 classrooms, by small colleges, throughout huge multi-city universities, and more.

Embraced by the brightest minds in educational facilities management.

 OrangeQC is helping write the book on custodial operations for educational facilities! Look for our chapter on inspection methodologies and strategies in the newest edition of APPA’s Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Custodial.

Mobile Inspections

Fully customizable inspections for every aspect of your operations.

OrangeQC replaces old-fashioned clipboards and complicated software, empowering your team to take photos, quickly rate areas, and track deficiencies until they’re resolved. Track classroom readiness based on the needs of your organization. Stay on top of conditions in restrooms and other high-traffic areas by allowing students and staff to submit issues via email. Maintain dormitories with forms personalized for housing, dining, move-in and move-out audits, and more.

Our user-friendly forms allow inspectors to:

  • Attach photos and notes
  • Use APPA levels or your own custom rating system
  • Pinpoint locations in large spaces with GPS tagging
  • Add digital signatures and timestamps

“As a unit, we are constantly amazed by the power and simplicity of OrangeQC.
I personally wanted to say that because we keep finding new things that it can
do. I wish other app makers could be as collaborative and supportive as you
have been in working with us. OrangeQC really has become an incredible tool
and resource for us.”

Alan Slinkard
University of Colorado – Boulder

Inspection Forms and Template Library

Built-in industry best practices from APPA and ISSA

Customize your inspection forms to track cleaning, disinfection, and safety. Need help getting started? OrangeQC comes bundled with APPA inspection form templates and ISSA best practices already built in. We’ve partnered with APPA to embed their recommended forms right into the system, where teams can use them as-is or modify them to fit unique SLAs or campus requirements.

“Our friends in the facilities management department will routinely tell us that our space is some of the best managed space on campus because of the awareness that we’re able to provide them, and the knowledge that they’ll be receiving feedback on a daily basis. It really helps them prioritize work, identify trends, improve training, and adjust staffing.”

Dave Crane
Director of the Office of Classroom Management, University of Minnesota

Reporting and Analytics

Easy-to-read dashboards and professional reports

Improve operations through powerful reporting that condenses all the data and puts it at your fingertips. Now you can define quality control processes and measure your organization’s progress toward your goal.

  • See overall team performance at a glance with big-picture dashboards.
  • Drill down into specific areas of campus, buildings, or area types.
  • Export data to other formats, including Excel and PDF, to share with other stakeholders or produce customized reports.

Northwestern University residential services team used real inspection data to shape their staffing levels—and gather evidence to share with university administration for the budget they needed.

Ready to get started?

Universities and educational institutions around the world use OrangeQC to create spaces where students can thrive.