Great janitorial work order software is all about efficiency. It saves your team the time and money you’d spend manually sorting through requests, forwarding client emails to the right person, and remembering to follow up on a mish-mash of issues.

That’s why getting it right is crucial for cleaning companies.

The true cost of bad janitorial work order software

If you’re using the wrong system, or none at all, it’s costing you. And that’s before you even take into account the price of the software.

How so?

In lost time—and lost business.

Without a system that sorts everything for your team, work orders get lost. A client calls someone who’s on vacation that week. Emails about future projects that need to be done get forgotten. It’s not clear who’s in charge of each task. If your business is small, when a key team member isn’t there, the system can fall apart. It’s also hard for new team members to grasp priorities: What needs to get done first? What can wait?

And the wrong system is just as bad as no system at all. In fact, it can add even more wasted time as team members try to install, learn, and use headache-inducing software.

That lack of organization leads to slip-ups. Things get done late or not at all. Clients have to follow up on their requests. They become unhappy with your service, and then—surprise—when your company’s contract comes up for renewal, they’re looking into other options.

That’s what happened to Tony Witana, the owner of Thats Clean, one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing cleaning companies. In 2012, his biggest client called and told him they were looking into other providers. The problem? Issues with quality—and poor communication.

He knew he had to act fast.

The value of great janitorial work order software

Tony’s story has a happy ending. He found OrangeQC’s inspection and work order software, then immediately implemented it with his team.

The client noticed the change and decided to stay with Thats Clean. Afterward, they wrote: “Thats Clean is one of our best suppliers. I can now confidently report that we are happy with Thats Clean’s communication and most importantly we are more than happy with the cleaning standards onsite.” (Read more about Tony’s story here.)

So what makes the difference?

Good janitorial work order software organizes everything for you. It allows your team to sort tasks by date, priority, and who’s responsible. Everyone knows who’s in charge of each task.

Clients are often relieved to have a simple way to submit issues and work orders. With OrangeQC, you can opt to have your client email a dedicated address with any issues, or use the simple OrangeQC app right from their phones. Then, we automatically create a ticket. It’s all done in real time, so team members in the field can access all the right information.

The right work order software also positions your company to grow. Maybe an informal system works fine for now, but if your workload doubles and you’re hiring new employees, will it still hold up? Or how long will it take to train new employees on that complicated software? If an employee leaves the company, will you be able to seamlessly transition their workload?

The bottom line: When a system is easy to use, it gets used. That’s the philosophy we embrace at OrangeQC. Our system is simple and intuitive, so you can start using it in minutes. It empowers your team members to knock out the highest-priority tasks fast. And it organizes everything in one place, so you can see your upcoming workload and important issues at a glance.

Ready to make a change? Learn more about how OrangeQC simplifies communication, or sign up for your free 30-day trial to see how easy work orders should be.