Inspection software for airports and transit facilities

Major airports use OrangeQC to streamline inspections for cleaning quality, safety, and customer experience.

The sky’s the limit with OrangeQC​

See your inspection results in real time with automatic dashboards. Follow tickets from creation to resolution. Customize forms for cleanliness, traveler experience, ASQ audits, Skytrax inspections, and more. OrangeQC tracks your quality control so you can check in on your airport facilities at a glance, or dive deep for granular insights.

Airports are complicated enough to manage; your inspection app should be refreshingly simple.

Mobile Inspections

Fully customizable inspections for every aspect of your operations.

OrangeQC replaces old-fashioned clipboards and complicated software, empowering your team to be proactive about customer experience in your facilities. Our form builder creates inspection templates that fit your needs.

  • Cleaning and janitorial quality, including work performed by in-house staff or third-party contractors.
  • Airport restrooms and high-traffic areas to reveal trends and issues over time.
  • Customer experience. CX inspections, gate and terminal walkthroughs, shopping and dining areas.
  • Trains and buses to ensure all aspects of your facility are meeting standards.
  • Safety, such as slip hazards, ramp safety, and baggage handling.
  • Industry-specific audits, such as Skytrax’s COVID-19 Safety Ratings and Airport Service Quality (ASQ) from the Airports Council International (ACI).
“OrangeQC’s flexibility allows us to update our inspection checklists as operational needs dictate.”

Kim Payne
Aviation Department Service Delivery Assistant Manager for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Tickets and Issue Tracking

Capture and resolve traveler complaints, work orders, and action items.

Tickets let your team track issues from complaint to resolution. Collect input from staff, inspectors, and even travelers, based on your team’s needs.

Our ticketing system is designed to be accessible by whoever your team needs to access it. Access via website, mobile app, and even email help gather all the right information in one place. Track, assign, and complete tickets to see your team’s response in real-time.

CVG Airport uses QR codes to allow travelers to submit issues and complaints for housekeeping to promptly resolve (for example, if a restroom needs attention).

“We have to demonstrate every hour of every day how a clean, inviting atmosphere can play a vital role in attracting and retaining new customers.”

Rae Jean Chambers
Assistant Supervisor of Housekeeping for CVG Airport

Reporting and Analytics

Improve operations through powerful reporting that condenses all the data and puts it at your fingertips.

Skytrax and Airport Service Quality (ASQ) scores are on everyone’s minds. Now you can define quality control processes and measure your organization’s progress toward your goal. No more hoping areas will improve, now you have proof and accountability built into your inspections.

“OrangeQC allows the staff to centrally house inspection data that is used to identify trends and track identified deficiencies through resolution.”

Kim Payne
Aviation Department Service Delivery Assistant Manager for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

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