The OrangeQC Story on Built In Chicago

In 2009, we built the first version of OrangeQC to help cleaning companies track and improve quality within their facilities. OrangeQC began as an intuitive software alternative to paper checklists. We consider ourselves to be technology pioneers in an industry that is more than 90% dominated by paper solutions, and we are on a mission to show the benefits of managing inspections with cloud-based software. Our team believes a dynamic and easy-to-use inspection solution is essential to the long-term success of any cleaning company.

The 6-Step Contingency Plan Your Business Needs

Recently, the OrangeQC team made the switch to a new help desk software due to unforeseen circumstances with our existing provider. Our old vendor was acquired by a larger company and we found they were taking the software in a direction that didn’t align with our needs. 

Luckily, we had an established contingency plan in case one of our vendor partnerships failed.

The Best Cleaning Services Start With Inspections: Here’s Why

World-class service really begins with a thorough checklist.

Take air travel for example. Airlines are in the business of getting travellers to and from destinations quickly and safely; they’re responsible for thousands of lives every day. For a successful flight, airplanes and pilots need to meet a set of standard safety requirements prior to take-off.  Planes come with a variety of checklists that simplify complex processes, including an engine-failure checklist, a pre-boarding checklist, and a cleared for take-off checklist. The last thing anyone wants is for a pilot to forget what to do during a time of crisis. Having a checklist on hand can remove the guesswork that comes with time-sensitive, critical issues like in-flight emergencies. In the case of flying, a proper checklist can save the lives of thousands of people.

4 Things We’ve Learned from the Past 7 Years in Business

Happy 7th Birthday OrangeQC! 

This month of April, seven short years ago, marks the birth of OrangeQC and we’ve come quite a way since our humble beginnings. Throughout the years we’ve met with thousands of teams all over the world; we’ve empowered world-class organizations and put smiles on our customers’ faces; we’ve iterated, improved and learned quite a few lessons along the way.