We recently wrote about questions facilities teams should ask when choosing a software vendor. These questions are helpful when looking at any kind of vendor, whether that’s time-tracking software, a bidding app, or all-in-one janitorial tools.

To demonstrate what we mean, we’re going to dive deep into our own software and take a look at how we’d answer those same questions here at OrangeQC. We hope this gives you a good picture of how to think about choosing the right vendor for any need (and gives you some more insight into how we work here, too).

Staying specialized, but flexible

First up: is this a specialized or generalized tool? (Meaning, does the software/app have one primary function, or is it an all-in-one solution?)

In short, OrangeQC is specialized. We want to be the absolute best tool out there for janitorial and facilities inspections.

The long answer is that we strive to be specialized but flexible. Our tools are designed so that you can use them to inspect anything, anywhere, with any kind of standards.

Because inspections and quality control are the core of what we do, our mobile inspection forms are always going to be our main priority. Our other features all serve to support inspections:

  • Reporting and dashboards that crunch inspections data for you
  • Tickets automatically generated from deficient inspection line items
  • Scheduling to ensure inspections take place on time

All of these features ensure that you can actually use the information you’re gathering on your inspections. They also simplify the process and allow all of your quality control information to live in one spot.

So what don’t we do? We don’t offer features like time/attendance tracking, invoicing, or shift scheduling. (However, we do know some great companies who create software for all of the above and more; you can always reach out to us at support@orangeqc.com for a recommendation!)

How we deliver great support

We’re always available for questions and support. And unlike certain apps that actually charge you for help when something goes wrong, support is absolutely part of the deal with us.

The fastest way to reach us is an email to support@orangeqc.com. We reply quickly to make sure your team can keep doing their jobs.

How we approach updates

The next question on our list asks how the software vendor approaches app updates. After all, an app that’s never updated or fixed can wind up buggy and outdated, but your team also doesn’t want to be constantly re-learning tools or dealing with shiny new “features” they won’t actually use.

To strike the right balance, we pay careful attention to how our clients use the OrangeQC app in the real world, then strive to create flexible solutions.

Our new features are guided by the time we spend talking with customers. Even as trade show attendance has dipped, we’ve taken the initiative to keep our most tech-savyy customers in the loop via virtual meetings to discuss what they’d like to see, on-site visits to see how they’re using the software in action, and other points of connection to learn what problems OrangeQC can solve.

Next, we try to build solutions that solve customer problems in a flexible way. While OrangeQC initially emerged as a platform for cleaning and facilitiy inspections specifically, we have all types of customers all over the world who use OrangeQC for everything from safety and customer experience (CX) audits to employee training and even inventory.

This means that our solutions need to ensure every use case feels supported. Our clients are always coming up with new ways to use our tools. For example, we developed our app so that clients could set up dedicated email addresses that would automatically create tickets out of emails; CVG Airport used that tool to pair with QR code placards in restrooms, which allow visitors to scan the code and send a quick email to maintenance if a restroom needs attention.

Our record of reliability and our reputation

The last two questions to consider on our list deal with a vendor’s reviews and reputation. After all, if other companies or teams like yours enjoy using a product, that experience tells you much more than any website or sales pitch.

We’re proud to say we’ve been a reliable long-term partner for many of our clients! In addition to all the surface-level signs that speak to a healthy business (10 years in business, active web presence, and regular app updates), we’re most proud of our customer reviews.

We already bragged a bit about our app store rating and reviews in our look at questions to ask vendors. But our client stories are an even bigger deal to us, because they detail ways in which OrangeQC has really helped teams thrive.

Another tip? Ask around. If you know a team in your space that uses OrangeQC, see what they think! We’re confident you’ll hear good things.

Another approach: Talk to the vendors you trust

We’d like to end with one final recommendation for those of you looking for any type of new software: don’t be afraid to ask your current vendors for recommendations.

The facilities industry is really built on long-term relationships between vendors and providers. It’s a field where solutions need to work, and where products are tested and used day in and day out. So if you have a vendor partner you really enjoy working with, reach out and ask for a recommendation.

We do this all the time at our trade shows. Sometimes, people swing by our booth looking for something we don’t offer, so we point them towards a team that does. And guess what? They do the same for us! So if you’ve already built a great relationship with a software vendor, ask for their advice. Any good vendor will be happy to help.

We hope this tips help you make smart decisions about which vendors to work with moving forwards. If you’re still looking to learn more about OrangeQC in particular, we’d be happy to schedule a one-on-one demo.