Mark Heller Sees Healthcare Changing. Here’s How Facilities Teams Can Keep Up.

Mark Heller is the president of Hygiene Performance Solutions, a consulting and coaching firm. He works with hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other organizations to help them improve their cleaning and disinfecting processes. His experience as a healthcare executive — and advising other organizations — gives him incredible insight into the Read more…

Kathy Patton Has a Mission to Help Others — And an Incredible Strategy for Introducing New Software

Kathy Patton has a unique job in the custodial industry: she’s the Business Development Coordinator for the Contract Services Division of Licking/Knox Goodwill Industries, Inc. (That’s right, Goodwill offers custodial services — more on that in a minute.) Kathy’s prior experience in the technology industry, along with the special population Read more…

The 6-Step Contingency Plan Your Business Needs

Recently, the OrangeQC team made the switch to a new help desk software due to unforeseen circumstances with our existing provider. Our old vendor was acquired by a larger company and we found they were taking the software in a direction that didn’t align with our needs. 

Luckily, we had an established contingency plan in case one of our vendor partnerships failed.

4 Things We’ve Learned from the Past 7 Years in Business

Happy 7th Birthday OrangeQC! 

This month of April, seven short years ago, marks the birth of OrangeQC and we’ve come quite a way since our humble beginnings. Throughout the years we’ve met with thousands of teams all over the world; we’ve empowered world-class organizations and put smiles on our customers’ faces; we’ve iterated, improved and learned quite a few lessons along the way.